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Betsy Go Boom (2012)

By Lili Chin & Eddie Mort



Dog Bite Prevention PSA (2011) 

​For Dr. Sophia Yin



Quatro Gatos (2013) 

Sesame Street/PBS Kids

I started working in animation in 1997. I have been a partner in FWAK! Animation since 2000 and I moved from Sydney to Los Angeles when I co-created a children's "masked wrestler" animated series for Warner Bros Animation called "Mucha Lucha!" (2002-2005) *see video.
If you would like me to produce any hand-drawn 2D animation for your project, please contact me with the following details and I will send you a quote. My colleagues and I work using Adobe Flash and ToonBoom Animate.
  • length of animation (seconds or minutes)

  • number of characters and/or design elements

  • character/background design and animation styles 

  • other factors: voice recording, music composition, effects etc.

  • delivery format and timeframe



I can also create simple animated gift or swfs for your website. The looping gif below was created for this blog post.


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