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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you draw my dog or cat? Also check out my customized pet prints on etsy.

Do you ship internationally?

Can you do a personalized t-shirt (or other type of clothing) with my dog/cat on it?

Can you do a personalized phone case?

Can you do a personalized pet tag?

Can you do a personalized set of greeting cards or postcards?

Can I purchase your drawing of my pet on a larger print or on ready-to-hang canvas or wood?

Can you draw other animals that are neither dogs nor cats? eg, Tree kangaroo

Can I hire you to create images for my article/paper?

Can I hire you to create images that are neither animals or humans?

When I hire you to create illustrations for my business, can I receive exclusive copyrights?

Will you be designing more dog breeds? Can I request a breed that you haven't already designed?

Can I request to have a dog breed added to your online stores (tees, dog tags, phone cases etc)?

Can you donate some artwork or a gift certificate to our non-profit event or fundraiser?

Can we invite you to exhibit or be a vendor at our event?

Do you sell your prints and cards wholesale?

Do you sell your enamel pins wholesale?

Can I purchase a gift certificate?



YES, with credits and no edits, thank you :)

Can I share your drawing of my dog/cat on social media?

Can I use your drawing of my dog/cat as my Profile Pic or Cover Image?

Can I share your drawings of other people's dogs on social media?

Can I share any of your infographics/posters on social media?

Can I blog or write an article about your work and post your images?

Can I add a link to your website on my own website/page?



MAYBE. IT DEPENDS... Please email me more details.

Can you include humans with our dog portrait? 

Can I order a personalized duvet case/mug/pillow/tote bag etc - something that isn't a print?

Can we use your images in our video/article/campaign to be shared on social media for free?

Can we hire you to design stuff for us to sell under our own brand or company name?

Can we collaborate with you on creating and selling a new product?

Can we share/print/distribute your infographics? We are a business.

​Can I hire you to design a logo for my dog-related company?

Can I hire you to illustrate my dog-related infographics?

Can we license the rights to use your infographics in our book?

Can we license the rights to use your dog breed designs on our products? (Please read this first)

Can I hire you to illustrate my book?

Can I translate some of your infographics/posters (that haven't been translated yet) to my native language? 

Can you send me some free stuff to review on my blog/social media?

Do you sell any prints or products on consignment?



Can you work for free in exchange for exposure? We are famous and have lots of followers.

Can you illustrate my book for free, and I will pay you in royalties when it sells?

Can I use any of your dog breed designs as my logo? 

Can I adapt any of your dog breed designs to use for my personal non-profit project?

Can I trace or edit any of your dog breed designs and distribute these under my own name?

Can we use your dog breed designs on our organization website or marketing material? We will credit you.

Can we use your dog breed designs for our non-profit cause or event? 

Can we use your dog breed designs to enhance the look of our website or social media page? We are not making any money.

Can we use your dog breed designs in our mobile app? 

Can we use your dog breed or other designs to print onto personal-use products? 

Can you change the design you did for a particular dog breed? I don't like it. 

Can I purchase full copyrights to your dog breed designs?

Can you send me high-res or vector files of your dog breed designs or the custom print of my dog?

*Please click here to read the FAQ blog post about using my dog breed designs*

Do you sell your t-shirts wholesale?

Do you sell your tote bags/phone cases wholesale?

Can we/you add our name and logo to your infographics posters?

Can we/you replace images and words in your posters to suit our own needs?

Can you replace the dog in your infographics posters with drawings of my dog or my preferred dog breed?

Can I re-create your infographics/posters and replace the images myself? 

Can you create images for us that look like another artist's style?



PRINTS: I am sorry I do not accept returns and do not offer refunds. If a print that you have ordered from me is lost in transit (no show after 3 weeks), or has arrived damaged, please email me with a photo of the damaged print, and I will send a replacement print.

APPAREL: If a t-shirt or hoodie that you have ordered from is defective, please email me photos and I will arrange for a replacement shirt to be sent to you for free. If a t-shirt or hoodie that you have ordered from turns out to be the wrong size, I am very sorry that I cannot replace this top for free, as every top is printed to order and we don't carry any inventory. Please hold on to this top (or gift/donate it) and I would be happy to offer a large discount code for your next order. 

OTHER PRODUCTS: If there are issues with products purchased from other websites or online stores (eg, Society6) please contact them directly. These products are not manufactured or shipped by me.

If you have any questions not already fully answered here, please email me and I will get back to you within 72 hours.

Lili x


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