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My webinar notes are written out and sketched on my ipad Pro using the notability app. I welcome feedback, questions, discussion, corrections. Some of these notes may be reworked into infographics in the future.


Feline Grimace Scale

I have been asked by everyone (including my publisher) if I will be authoring a cat body language book. My answer is: I would love to! BUT… I have a lot to learn before I feel ready for this project!

We all know about cat body language in terms of the ‘bigger’ body postures, ear positions, tail positions etc but I hadn’t heard of the Feline Grimace Scale until recently via a webinar by Dr. Mikel Delgado.

More info on the website. I took the quiz - it was not easy!

I can see when Shimmy's whiskers are loosely curved (when she is just chilling out) and when they are spiky (when she is high on silvervine) but I don't know when they would be a "1" score. Muzzle changes are even harder to see. I cannot tell the difference. What's more, Shimmy's ears MOVE ALL THE TIME.

I suppose these distinctions would make the most sense if you knew the individual cat and what their "baseline" was, but even so...

I guess I am now becoming extra paranoid - scrutinizing my cats close-up - Is anyone in pain?

Some sketches as I was going through the website:

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