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I have been asked: What does this design mean? What inspired it?


The #resist design is open to interpretation! 


Some meanings:

  • Fighting for justice together (with our animal friends)

  • Respect and justice for our companion animals

  • We are animal lovers!

I first came up with this design for the Women's March (USA, 2017). We live in times where people are being more brazenly and violently discriminated against for our gender, ethnicity, class, education, and appearance. We are seeing a more ruthless disregard for scientific knowledge and the health of our planet. At the same time, people have always come together to resist bigotry or willful ignorance, and we have succeeded, so this is a design for positive change.


I included animal feet because many of us live with animals, and our companion animals deserve to be regarded and listened to as intelligent sentient individuals. Animals are our family, they are our world. Our future is also their future! See

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