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Animal Training: Science & Ethics

A poster inspired by this quote:


"If you can teach a whale to pee in a cup, you can train your dog without punishment" - Ted Turner (Behaviorist & Exotic Animal Trainer)


If we can communicate with wild animals and teach them new behaviors without dominating them, why do we need to do this with dogs?  With this poster, I hope to inspire pet owners to use humane, force-free training methods that are already being implemented successfully around the world in progressive zoos and aquariums, on important life-saving missions, and wildlife conservation.


Times have changed for the better, and the traditional training paradigm that promotes "breaking" or "dominating" an animal into "calm submission" to get it to do what we want (e.g., using correction collars on dogs, scaring horses, throwing birds, scruffing cats, hissing at iguanas, etc.) is unnecessary, dangerous, and unkind.  Our animal companions deserve much better, and we are capable of doing better.

Thank you to Sarah Owings, Mary Hunter, Sara Reusche, Irith Bloom, and Laura Monaco Torelli for your help! 

"Beautiful drawings and messages!" - Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D.


Effectiveness Is Not Enough  by Dr. Susan Friedman, Ph.D
History of Operant Conditioning and dog training by Dr. Sophia Yin (published in THE BARK magazine)
The Importance of Choice in Animal Training by Peta Clarke (YouTube video)
When Good Walruses Go Bad by Kathy Sdao
How Science Must Prevail by Maureen Backman
Have You Heard The One About Climate Change and Dog Training by Emily Douglas
The Damage of Dog Whispering by Rachel Garner
51 Shades of Grey by Simon Gadbois PhD.
Animal Trainers are Teaching Wildlife to Conserve Themselves by Linda Lombardi
The Ultimate Dog Training Tip by Zazie Todd, PhD
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