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ART & GIFTS by Lili Chin
All orders are shipped within 3 business days from Los Angeles, CA. Custom art will ship within 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for supporting a solo artist and small business!

(A few of these items are also sold from my etsy shop)


B O O K S signed gift books & calendars

Pin assortment

D O G P I N S Dog breeds - over 30 designs


A N I M A L G I F T S wildlife pins, prints, games


D O G M A P 365 dogs on a map

Dog Prints

P R I N T S Dogs of the World series and other animals


C A T L O V E R S pins, prints, and more

custom prints

C U S T O M P R I N T S A drawing of your pet


C L O T H I N G tee shirts and more


C A R D S blank greeting cards & postcards


P H O N E C A S E S Casetify designs [offsite]


P E T I D T A G S Dog Tag Art designs [offsite]


H O M E W A R E S society6 prints and other goods [offsite]

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