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For Everyone


Shipping from  my home studio to anywhere in the world: an illustrated print of your companion animal.

Breed Specific Art

Over 300 dog (and cat) designs available as prints, t-shirts, buttons,

pet ID tags and more.

For Enterprises

Character Design

Character art for your

brand or campaign.


Your concepts translated into clear visuals for PSAs, posters, teaching materials, and social media.


Unique art for your website,

store display, publications, or

promotional media.


License my images for your brand or collaborate with me.

Clients include

Boston University Student Health Services   -   The City of Charles Sturt (Australia)   -   Dr. Sophia Yin, Cattledog Publishing   -

The Honest Kitchen   -    International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants   -    Petco   -   VCCP | MoreThan Insurance   

-   Wallis Annenberg Petspace  -  Four Paws International  -  RSPCA  -  Karen Pryor Academy  -  American Animal Hospital Association


"Lili Chin is fantastic to work with. Because she's such a versatile illustrator she's able to produce the illustrations quickly and then work with us to revise the drawings so that they capture exactly what we want. If you're looking for an illustrator or animator who will produce top notch work and get it to you on time, Lili's my best recommendation."  
Dr. Sophia Yin


Not only is Lili incredibly talented and professional, her artwork completely captures the essence of the dog’s emotions. Her graphics are entirely iconic in the industry and always make a powerful impression on those that see it. I was genuinely shocked at how quickly Lili was able to complete the artwork for me particularly knowing how busy she is. She is a consummate pro and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the utmost in quality and perfected artwork in the industry.
- Malena DeMartini

I love her quirky, cheerful style; clean lines and bright colors that truly capture the exuberant joy of every dog. Her custom creations are where she really shines, such a pleasure to work with and such an eye for detail. I already love all of her dog breed art, but there's something really stunning and amazing about getting an artist you admire to create a custom piece of your own pets.

She's done incredible custom portraits of my corgis, really capturing their individual essence and adding her own personal touches to a treasured piece of art. 

 Raelynne Becerra

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