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Meet Lili

If it were not for one small rescued Boston Terrier with an attitude, Lili Chin might still be a designer/creator at one of the major West Coast animation studios. That was her intention when she relocated from Sydney, Australia, and it was going well. Cartoon projects. Animated movies. Fun and fulfilling work. She was even branching out into new projects as a co-owner of Fwak! Animation.

Then blue-eyed Boogie ambled onto the scene and rewrote the script.

In the process of becoming his 24/7 better-behavior ambassador, Lili’s career changed course.
She began drawing, literally, from Boogie’s expressions and experiences to create resources for respectful trainers, products for fellow dog-lovers and branding assets for corporations. The thousands of canines she’s sketched—along with birds, rabbits, cats and their wilder cousins—have found their way into world maps and international publications, pins and puzzles, fine art and fuzzy blankets. And Lili has found her niche working directly with clients and customers.


At the same time, Boogie and Lili have raised nearly $18,000 for rescue organizations while banking a few biscuits for their own future. They eagerly welcome new opportunities.