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Dogs of The World

366 Dogs and Their Countries of Origin
Dogs of the World MAP - 2018 Edition - Lili Chin

Copyright © 2017-2018 Lili Chin - please do not copy, trace, modify, crop, extract, repurpose. Please link to this page on social media.

Dogs of the World will be published as a book in 2025 by Ten Speed Press, Penguin Random House. There will be MORE DOGS!


2018 Edition - reprint

36"x24" poster on matte paper, unframed, signed, ship worldwide



Dogs Make The World Go Round,

27" x 20", 1000 pieces

By True South Puzzle Company




A Dog Every Day! 

5.5" x 4" desktop calendar

By Art Print Japan



Do you have the _____ on this map?

There are 345 dogs on this map. Please click on any area to magnify. *This feature may not work on your phone

Update: The new 2018 edition has a total of 366 dogs on it.

Why didn't you include the _______?

With over 400 dog breeds in the world - most of which are unregistered with the AKC or FCI, space limitations prohibit inclusion of every single one. I do welcome suggestions for subsequent editions; please submit your requests here.


What is the story behind this map? 

After publishing my Dogs of the World series (2014) I received many requests to include all the dogs on a single poster, while adding breeds not yet drawn. As there are already many dog breed charts (like those you see at your vet's office) with serious poses and fancy hairstyles, I wanted to create something less formal, more cheerful. My goal was to include non-pedigree dogs, lesser-known breeds, mixed breeds, and pariahs/landraces, while sticking with the original theme of geographical origins. After kicking this idea around for a couple years, I was contacted by an American jigsaw puzzle company that wished to license a "dogs on a map" graphic for a new jigsaw puzzle. The time had come to stop procrastinating and get to work.

Where/When can I buy this?

There are three editions of this map. The original edition of this map is a jigsaw puzzle (27" x 20") which is sold out and discontinued. There are 328 dogs on this 1000-piece puzzle. The second expanded edition was a fine art print (36" x 24").   The third and current 2018 edition is the same print/poster, updated with MORE DOGS.


Why does your map look so weird?

Intentionally stylized to be dog centric, this map isn’t drawn to scale (and neither are the dogs). In order to include as many breeds and landraces as possible, it was necessary to take liberties with geographic realities.  I expanded France, Germany, and the UK because these countries developed the largest number of known dog breeds. By comparison, China is tiny due to its smaller number of standardized breeds. 


Why are some of these dogs in different countries than the ones you assigned them to previously? Why have some designs changed?

For this version, I enjoyed the benefit of expert advice from a dog breed historian. Scholarly information proved to be more accurate than the misinformation found online. I also tweaked some designs after having seen some of these dog breeds in real life and having acquired better reference material. When you know better, you do better.  I am excited for you to see my Dogs of the World book in 2025!


You placed the ______in the wrong part of the country. 

Space limitations made it impossible to “dial in” all breeds’ exact locations. 


I have a problem with the way you drew the _____. It's not correct / This is not how it should look.

As an independent artist, I’m not employed by any breed/kennel clubs or dog groups.  These images are intentionally stylized. This is an art print, not meant to serve as realistic or ideal representations of the breeds or landraces depicted.  

I want to buy this print with MY dogs on it. Can you swap out some of these dogs for ones that look like my dog(s)? Can you make some color changes?

No. I don't have the time to create custom versions of this map. I do however take orders for pet portraits.

Can you share a higher-resolution image on the internet?

No. After experiencing so much copyright infringement of my artwork, I am making things difficult for art thieves. Hover and click your mouse over the image to zoom in on different areas of the map. If you are sharing this image or any photos on your social networks, please link back to this page so that other people can have their questions answered here. Tag #dogsonamap


Can we use some of these individual dog designs for our project/website/business logo/article/book?

These designs were not created to function as free clip art or stock images. If you’re looking for dog breed images, there are websites that officially license dog breed images to the public. This is not what I do. I need to retain exclusive copyright ownership of these images for my own business. I am not selling digital files of these designs. (See this blog post)


We are a ______ club or rescue. Can we use your design of our breed to turn into fundraising merchandise?

Please contact me and I may be able to have the items produced for you to purchase at wholesale prices. A minimum order quantity would be required. I can also donate art to your non-profit fundraiser. Please note that I am not selling or sending out any digital files for the general public to make things with.

We would like to partner with you or license some of these designs to create co-branded products. OR - We would like to display this map alongside our written article on a dog breed-related subject. 

Please contact me!

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