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My webinar notes are written out and sketched on my ipad Pro using the notability app. I welcome feedback, questions, discussion, corrections. Some of these notes may be reworked into infographics in the future.


Topography and Function

We know why LABELS are unhelpful. They are shortcut descriptions for how we feel (usually anthropomorphic) and not what the behavior actually is. The word may not even mean the same thing to other people as it does to us. And labels for behaviors tend to come with cookie cutter solutions to change those behaviors.

So what should we be doing instead?

Updated poster:

"Operationalizing" a label is not always an easy task. You still have to come up with the best words to describe the label word, topographically and functionally, for it to make sense to the reader/listener. For me, the easiest way to operationalize a behavior is to DRAW IT.

I may also do a version with cats.

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