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Free Resources

Most of the illustrations on this page were created by me in collaboration with professional educators. These illustrations are FREE to download, share, print and distribute under these Creative Commons License terms:


  1. Attribution — Please give credit when sharing online and leave author and artist info on printed copies

  2. Noncommercial — Please do not make money with these images. They should be given away for free. No selling, no business/product advertising, no reprinting in books/magazines without checking with me first.

  3. No Derivative Works — Please do not modify any of these images. No cropping, no editing, no translations or additional logos without checking with me first.


If you plan to print and distribute multiple copies within your organization, please consider making a Paypal donation. 
Any amount (no matter how small) would be gratefully appreciated!  THANK YOU! - Lili


If you are a professional dog trainer/behaviorist and are interested in translating the pages that have not yet been translated, please email me and I will send you blank copies. 

Some of these images are available to purchase as posters from my ZAZZLE STORE if you are unable to do your own printing. 

If you'd like to order in bulk (minimum 10 copies), please email me and I can arrange for more affordable printing options.

If you don't see the infographic that you are looking for...

it might have been a commissioned piece for a specific client and may or may not be available for public download.
Visit this page to see these infographics.


"Thank you so much for making your drawings available for people to use. Recently I took several with me to a prison where I volunteer as a behavior consultant to inmates who are learning how to be dog trainers. They loved the illustrations! We were working on body language so we had a lot of fun looking at the illustrations and then working with the dogs and using observation skills.”

Patricia Tirrell, Duke University


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